Kids love Swimble. With fun, visual interactive games and characters, and a personal learning path and dedicated remote swim teacher for each child.

First we find out everything we need to know about your child, then our smart tech creates a customised set of lessons to follow, with everything step by step and fun to do.

Swimble was designed by swim teachers: we want every child, everywhere, to be able to learn to swim.
Just a fraction of the price of group swimming lessons, Swimble’s monthly subscription is just AED 79. For that, you get allocated your very own Swimble Teacher to answer any questions and cheer you on, and a totally customised set of lessons to teach your child to swim on your own schedule. You save money and time, plus kids love using Swimble app.
We all know that swimming is a life-long, and life-saving skill. But it’s not always taught in schools, and committing to after school classes can be tough. Plus, these days, parents are wary of putting their child into group classes – and even at the best of times, group lessons won’t give your child that one-on-one focus (or those amazing experiences that you can create by teaching your child yourself). Swimble lessons are custom created for you and your child, can be done any time, and come with the advice and support of our friendly Swimble Teachers!
Yes! We’ve created a programme called Swimble For You, which is just for adults who want to learn to swim. Swimble Teachers are experienced in teaching every age group and level of experience, we understand what it takes to help you learn to swim, and we love to help adults achieve their swimming goals with step by step lessons and friendly support.
It really is. Learning to swim is a lifetime skill that opens up a world of fun for your child. So of course an app that teaches kids to swim has got to be fun too. Every custom swim lesson is designed to be enjoyable for you and your child, and in the Swimble Parent Portal we show you the benefits for learning these skills, aside from the fun.
Yes! Swimble is designed by swimming teachers, who had to look differently at their subject during the pandemic - how can we keep our students learning, even without the pools?

We came up with sets of skills that can be practiced at home as well as in the pool, both for beginners and more advanced kids. With Swimble, our awesome tech and superfun design gets kids excited to learn, and they retain these skills and use them later in the pool. It really works.
Right now, we’re focusing on the kids who need us the most: beginners, those with a fear of the water, and kids with additional needs. Soon, we’ll expand to baby swimming and to more experienced swimmers too. We’re always excited to hear from parents with questions or feedback, so don’t hesitate to get in touch – everything we learn from you will help others using Swimble.
We customise every Swimble interaction, because every child is different. In the same way, children progress at different rates, with learning how to swim as with every other activity. So we can’t put a number on this; but because of Swimble’s high level of individual customisation, you'll see faster progress than any other swim app out there. And of course, your child's progress is monitored and rewards given - plus, our teachers are always happy to help if you feel you're getting stuck.
There is no programme or product that can ever guarantee safety in the pool. The best way to ensure your child’s water safety is to teach them to swim, and to constantly supervise them in the water.

When you use the Swimble programme to teach your kids to swim, you still have the responsibility of keeping them safe. Our lesson plans are all founded in water safety, with every skill having as its basis the need to make sure kids understand how to stay safe in the water, and our experienced and qualified Swimble Teachers are there to guide you on making your swim lessons as comfortable and secure as is possible.
No – in fact, we created Swimble with non-swimming parents in mind, because kids with non-swimming parents are far less likely to be able to swim themselves. Our Swimble Parent Portal helps you see the whys and hows of swimming, so you'll be learning along with your child.

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