Getting To Know You

We all know that every child is different. There’s even more uniformity when it comes to teaching them how to swim. And if a swimming teacher tries to give you a one-size-fits-all lesson, something’s wrong – it doesn’t work that way, and it doesn’t respect your child’s individuality. Swimble is designed to take into account every child’s experience, personality, attitude, likes and dislikes, as well as the pool environment.

Plus, we get to know you – are you a swimmer? Do you have any fear? Hate getting your face wet? All the information we gather is then reviewed by your allocated qualified, experienced Swimble Teacher, and you get your completely customised lesson plans. Ask us anything you want, then go start making amazing memories with your child in the pool.

More super helpful videos up on the Swimble YouTube channel. We break down the steps of learning how to swim, and teaching your child, into the simplest, bitesize little lessons. Easy to learn, easy to teach.

And if the video guides aren’t exactly what you need – we actually can give you exactly what you need. For totally customised online learn-to-swim lessons just for your child, get in touch and get subscribed to Swimble App for just AED 79 a month – you get your very own friendly, qualified swim teacher, individualised lessons and learning plans. We get your child happy and safe in the pool!

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